Adapted from the nVIGORus platform, MissionVAV uses mission-themed health challenges to get veterans and their supporters to organize into teams and to improve their health. The program just starte
The 6-week "Buns of Steel" Challenge has just been completed by over 200 employees. Physical activity levels averaged over 14,500 step equivalents and 18 flights of stairs daily. Nine
Veterans Affairs Canada has chosen to award a grant from the Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund to the Clinemetrica Team to develop a health and wellness program for veterans of the Canadian Armed
The 2nd year results from the Merck Canada Workplace Wellness Program have been published in The American Journal of Health Promotion.
You don’t have to look terribly hard to find examples of initiatives meant to improve employees’ well-being that have gone horribly wrong. These “corporate wellness programs” include health screenings
Canadian participation rates in workplace wellness programs are extremely low, with just 11 per cent of employees participating on a regular basis and 23 per cent participating only occasionally, acco
Aug 2018
Growth in UK life expectancy is starting to ease off – and no one knows why. Clare Wilson and Andy Coghlan explore the possibilities THE past century saw rapid growth in life expectancy, a key meas
Workplace wellness programs are still in their infancy in Canada, but a recent McGill study points to evidence that they are a good investment for the companies that offer them to their employees.
Over a decade of experience and knowledge in administering health and wellness programs informs both the myhealthcheckup and nVIGORus wellness platforms. On May 25th
With permanent behavioural change so difficult to instil, how can employers ensure their wellness programs achieve their intended results? At Benefits Canada‘s Healthy Outcomes conference in Toront