Our Results

Our team has learned how to balance the science of health promotion with the art of engaging individuals to change their lifestyle habits.

Over the last 20+ years, our health & wellness programs have produced scientifically proven results among participants working in hospitals, government, the military, and the corporate workplace.

    • Physical Activity
    • Over 3,000 participants
    • More than 12,000 average daily steps
    • 60% participants walked more than 5 km daily
    • Sleep
    • 21% improvement in sleep quality
    • 16% decrease in fatigue
    • 28% fewer individuals with sleep problems
    • Stress
    • 19% improvement in perceived stress
    • 44% fewer participants with a high stress score
    • Depression
    • 16% improvement in depression score
    • 41% drop in participants with depressive symptoms
  • Encouraging my colleagues to stay active helps me keep my own motivation.
    - Patricia
  • I'm learning to pay attention to ALL aspects of my life and health.
    - George
  • What surprised me about this challenge was my complete lack of awareness of how I view my overall health. I typically looked at it from a physical point of view, now I see other components of life are also integral to moving forward
    - Katherine
  • We evaluated the impact of sequential 6-10 week missions on self reported metrics.