With permanent behavioural change so difficult to instil, how can employers ensure their wellness programs achieve their intended results? At Benefits Canada‘s Healthy Outcomes conference in Toront
Leadership support and social connectivity among ingredients of an effective wellness program. Canadian participation rates in workplace wellness programs are extremely low., with just 11 percent o
Regular exercise can improve fatigue in cancer patients. An RCN-funded research project investigates the best ways to motivate patients to get moving. Fatigue is one of the most common and lasting
The most current results from the Merck Canada Workplace Wellness Program have just been published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. This peer-reviewed publication summariz
Merck Canada sees gains in physical, mental health. A new study suggests wellness programs can deliver clinically important improvements to physical and mental health
While Canadian health care is generally regarded well internationally, a distinct lack of wellness programs tarnishes that reputation somewhat. That’s the view of Dr. Steven Grover, professor of medic
Employee wellness programs in the workplace have been shown to work with some success in the United States, particularly when participation is tied to substantial incentives like a reduction in health
Great workplace wellness results have just been published demonstrating the positive, 1-year impact of a program that our group developed with Merck Canada. This represents the most impressive stud
We congratulate the team at Merck Canada for being recognized by the National Business Group on Health in the USA for the development of the "LIVE IT" program in Canada to
As part of our commitment to build on Canadian employers’ experience and knowledge base around employee engagement, we will be launching a 6-week nVIGORus exercise challenge specifically adap