Our primary objective is to produce measurable health benefits for your employees that are sustainable

To accomplish this we use evidence based strategies that have been proven to work. Our program’s success is based on four pillars:

High Engagement

Measurable results require high participation rates. Baseline assessments are tailored to each individual’s interests and objectives. Some employees are already doing great. Others are concerned about a specific health problem, or want to live a healthier life by exercising more, losing weight, reducing stress, sleeping better, etc. No lengthy health risk assessment to complete. Employees choose the modules that are meaningful to them at that moment in time and can spend as little as a couple of minutes assessing their baseline health metrics. The results are simple yet informative and meaningful. Our researchers invented the concept of “Cardiovascular Age” which is now copied world-wide. Knowing if you heart is aging faster than you are can be highly motivating as demonstrated in our published studies.

Make it Fun with Gamification

It is impossible to motivate anyone for long if the experience is negative or boring. Making it fun is critical and we have been doing this with adults and teenagers for years. Few individuals will track forever so keep it short and demonstrate the improved benefits as soon as they begin to emerge.


One of the great challenges in dealing with human beings is no two are exactly the same. Individualization and customization allows each individual to build a health journey that works for them.

Ongoing Analytics

Each company is different. State of the art analytics track your results, to ensure that your program is meeting your objectives. Develop and enhance what is working for you. Modify and improve initiatives that fall short.