nVIGORus Program Overview

A subscription to nVIGORus gives the user and four teammates access to the nVIGORus program for one year, which includes:

One (1) nVIGORus Team Challenge

• Team challenges launch in October, January, and May.

Note: participants may subscribe to subsequent challenges, which will grant extended access to the platform accordingly.

Access to the nVIGORus Platform for twelve (12) continuous months

• Before and after the team challenge, users can continue to benefit from the wellbeing assessments and learning modules.
• Users can continue to track their physical activity as well.

Team Formation & Challenge Journey

Teams in the nVIGORus Team Challenge are comprised of five participants. One team member from each team will assume the role of the Team Captain, who motivates the team and passes on information. Teams may be formed by:
• the participants themselves,
• by a sponsoring organization,
• or by the administrative team at nVIGORus.

Before each challenge starts, participants complete scientifically validated, baseline assessments to evaluate their happiness, health and vigour.
Once the challenge begins, participants track their physical activity as well as a number of specific, habit-reinforcing behaviours on the platform. Physical activity includes both walking steps, which can be measured using a pedometer, smartphone, or directly synchronized using a Fitbit, as well as more vigorous exercises. Other forms of exercise are recorded in minutes, which are then automatically converted into step-equivalents.
During the challenge, team standings and a challenge leaderboard encourage healthy competition. At the discretion of a sponsoring organization, additional incentives for participation or for team standings may be provided.
At the completion of the challenge, participants complete follow-up assessments on their happiness, health and vigour assessments, which will provide insight into how increased physical activity has impacted their health. In addition, the sponsoring organization will be provided de-personalized data on changes in participant health over the course the challenge.
Finally, for each participant who completes the baseline and follow-up assessments, and regularly inputs their activity, a free subscription is provided for the next challenge.


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